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What are the Reasons for a Photo Test?

Every registered user has the chance to complete a photo test. If you complete this form of verification, we can confirm that the pictures in your profile are really of you. This procedure will also create trust in Arrangement-Partner’s website. Such a verification is completely free of cost. After the successful verification of your photo,  a green checkmark symbol will appear in your profile next to “photo test”.

Verification, Verify, Photo, Photo Test

How Does It Work?

In the verification section of your profile, upload a photo in which you are holding a handwritten sign clearly visible to the camera. Your username, the date, and the name of our website (Arrangement-Partner) must be clearly visible and legible.

Verification, Verify, Photo, Photo Test

What are the Requirements?

  • Your face must be clearly visible
  • Your username must be legible
  • The current date must be legible
  • The name Arrangement-Partner.com must be distinctly legible
  • Only handwritten papers are permitted
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