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What is the Importance of Testing Uploaded Photos?

To ensure the quality of our website and confirm the authenticity of photos, the photos our members upload must be tested by us. If you wish to upload a photo to your public gallery, please take note of the information below. Photos that don‘t meet the below requirements will be immediately deleted, or, worst case scenario, your profile will be locked.

What are the Recommended Format and Size?

Format: JPG
Size: minimum of 48kb

What is Not Allowed?

Photos which do not meet our requirements will be denied or even deleted by us.

Examples of What is Not Allowed:

  • Photos in which you are not visible.
  • Photos in which children are visible.
  • Naked or sexually explicit photos.
  • Photos in which illegal activities/items are visible.
  • Doubled photos.
  • Photos from other Arrangement-Partner members.
  • Copyrighted photos.
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