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Creativity and Fun for the First Contact

For the first contact on Arrangement-Partner, one thing is for certain: your message will not be the only one a potential sugarbabe or sugardaddy receives.
Therefore, you should try to be as creative as possible and put much thought into what you want to write.

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Many users, especially men, stand by the principle: the more the better, and will send multiple messages containing essentially the same content. This may save time, but it ignores the personal touch, and individuality will definitely be missing. These messages will often be deleted the second they are received – and it is usually the Sugarbabes doing the deleting. For the first contact, you should try to be as creative as possible when searching for the right words. This will begin with the very first sentence. Before your potential partner reads your message, the first sentence will be visibile in their mailbox. In this moment, you can already create a good impression. For this reason, you should think of a creative, amusing subject line, which will make the receiver more interested in you.
And it’s not only Sugarbabes who will be impressed by creativity – Sugardaddies don’t look for uncreative Sugarbabes either.

The message should not be too long – after all, who wants to read an entire monologue before the first date even takes place?
It’s better to write concise sentences about something interesting and show that you have paid attention to the other person’s profile.  Mention the Sugarbabe’s profile or refer to the Sugardaddy’s interests. This will show that you are not merely contacting everyone on the website, but that you have a genuine interest in the person you are contacting. The chances of success with both a Sugarbabe or a Sugardaddy will highly increase if your message is personalized.

If you wish to display your emotions in more than just words, you can also use emoticons. However, be careful not to overuse them – that runs the risk of coming across as a joker.
It’s better to remain sincere and serious, and to follow the etiquette suggested by Arrangement-Partner. It is also important to avoid too many spelling errors – neither a Sugardaddy nor a Sugarbabe wishes for a partner who ignores proper spelling.

In order to guarantee further contact and a sugardate, it would help to ask questions which require more than a “yes” or “no” answer. This will enable the other user to reply with more detailed answers and help the two of you get to know one another much better. This will lead to interesting converstaions which will help you learn as much as possible about the other person.

If the chemistry during chats is right, then nothing will stand in the way of a sugardate.

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