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The First Sugardate with Your Sugardaddy

You are confident about your style and know exactly which sugarbabe outfit suits you. Still, you ask yourself if maybe you’ve forgotten something, or what an experienced Sugardaddy pays attention to. How can you satisfy the tastes of a rich man whom you have never met?
Maybe the two of you have already exchanged ideas and desires via online chatting, and this has helped you discover some of your potential Sugardaddy’s preferences already.
If you haven’t already found a Sugardaddy who can open the doors to glamour and happiness, register here:

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With This Checklist, You’ll Wear the Perfect Sugarbabe Outfit Every Time

Finesse is in Demand

Every Sugardaddy will, of course, have their own individual tastes. Still, there are certain ground rules which you should pay attention to. If you follow these tips from experienced sugarbabes, you will never be wrong again.

How a Sugarbabe Prepares for a Date

An experienced sugarbabe is interested not only in her sugardaddy’s budget, but will also attempt to learn as much as possible about him from the very beginning. Does the sugardaddy prefer a natural appearance, or does he like the vampire look? Does he like it crazy and erotic, or is he looking for a sporty girlfriend? Sometimes the sugarbabe will have to steer the conversation in a certain direction in order to find the answer. But be careful: a successful sugarbabe must always appear sensible on the first date and must not grill her date for information. Much can be learned during the conversation – or during the first telephone conversation. Much can be learned simply from the choice of establishment you are meeting at. Did the sugardaddy want to meet in a casual bar or an elegant restaurant? Make your outfit match the information your sugardaddy provides during your conversations.

Pay Attention to the Following Tips:

  • Ask yourself, how you wish to be perceived as a sugarbabe.
  • Check out your sugardaddy’s profile information and figure out what he finds important in a sugarbabe.
  • During the first conversation, try to clearly but playfully signal your interest and find some extra information between the lines of what he says.
  • Does your sugardaddy have any unusual hobbies or interests? Is he interested in good wine, or does he have a preference for certain shoes? Then try to make your sugarbabe outfit match that interest, thereby proving how much you have in common.
  • Wear your sugarbabe outfit confidently. If you feel too dressed up or simply uncomfortable, it’s not the right outfit for you. Stay true to yourself!
  • Remember that your first “performance” should impress your sugardate, but your sugardaddy probably will not make a big deal out of it. Don’t be disappointed, just enjoy playing the game and use all the weapons you have at your disposal as a woman.
  • Be a Sugarbabe in Body and Soul…

    …and show your sugardaddy how much fun you have with sugardating!

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