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Add Sugar-Babies or Sugar-Daddies to Your Favorites List

Your “Favorites” list will display which sugar-babies or sugar-daddies you have favorited. As soon as you mark a member as “Favorite”, they will appear in this list. This will give you an overview of the profiles which might be interesting for you.

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How Can I Place Sugar-Babies or Sugar-Daddies in My Favorites List?

You can do this directly from their profile, by simply clicking on the heart icon. This heart will then turn red whenever you view their profile. Now when you are browsing through the profiles of other sugar-babies or sugar-daddies, you will be able to immediately see this heart and know you have already favorited this user.

Where Can I Find My Favorites List?

Click on the drop-down menu. Your Favorites will be displayed in the first row. They will all be marked with a red heart.

Also: If a user you have favorited then favorites you in return, you will have a match. This will be indicated by a picture of a heart with an arrow through it, proving that there is a mutual interest between the two of you.

Your favorited members will be informed when you place them in your Favorites list – and vice versa.

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