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Never Celebrate the Holidays Alone Again

With a Holiday Companion, You'll Never Have to be Alone! The holidays are approaching, which means there are several things you have to think about - shopping for presents, decorating, deciding what to cook, and so forth. When the holidays are already so stressful for most people, the last thing you want to worry about is spending your vacation time alone. Wouldn't the holidays be much mo ... Read more


Mobile Sugar-Dating: Sugar-Dating Every Time And Everywhere Our mobile chat function is easily accessible, without the annoyance of long loading times. Try mobile sugar-dating now! Flexible, easily accessible, and absolutely reliable. Flirting for success-oriented people. Register now and find your sugardate for free while on the go We from Arrangement-Partner have made it pos ... Read more

SUGARDATING EVENTS - Exclusive Arrangement-Partner Singles Party Events

Singles Party for Sugardaddies and Sugarbabes From glamorous to wild - that's the philosophy behind our events. Arrangement-Partner events offer exclusive grounds for high-level flirting with like-minded people. 40% of guests to Arrangement-Partner events later make plans for another thrilling meeting. Register now and find your sugardate for free while on the go Relaxi ... Read more

OUR MISSION - We Believe Partnerships Are Very Important in Life

We Believe Partnerships Are Very Important in Life Arrangement-Partner offers you entirely new types of partnerships. The success stories which appear on our website motivate us everyday to create more modern opportunities that ensure you will find perfect partnerships. Take advantage of all opportunities concerning partnerships! Register now and start with the free search for you ... Read more

SUCCESSFUL PARTNER SEARCH - Sugardating at the Highest Level

Sugardating at the Highest Level Unpleasant surprises in your search for the perfect partner belong in the past. All too often, users of online dating sites are tricked by false promises, which leads to a terrible disappointment when the first meeting arrives. Register today for free and experience sugardating at the highest level! The successful businessman turns out to b ... Read more


Unexpected Happiness for Two Our success stories prove it: countless pairs have found one another on the dating market Arrangement-Partner. You can register as well, fill out your profile, and use the helpful search function to find your personal Sugar Arrangement. Start now with the free search! The years-long search for the right partner, whether you're seeking a partner ... Read more

Arrangement-Partner Events

SUGARDATING EVENTS Exclusive Sugar Daddy Parties Arrangement-Partner Events for Sugarlovers From glamorous to wild - that's the philosophy behind our Sugar Daddy Party 's. The Arrangement-Partner events offer exclusive grounds for high-level flirting with like-minded people. 40% of guests to Arrangement-Partner events later make plans for another sizzling meeting. Read mor ... Read more

Arrangement-Partner: Mobile

ARRANGEMENT-PARTNER AVAILABLE ON MOBILE Sugardating Every Time and Everywhere Our mobile chat function is easily accessible, without the annoyance of long loading times. Messasing in real time. Checking your mail. Viewing profiles and much more. With the mobile version for Smartphones and iPads, you can always be online. Flexible, easily accessible, and absolutely relia ... Read more

Success Stories

SUCCESS STORIES Unexpected Happiness for Two! Our success stories prove it: countless pairs have found one another on the dating market Arrangement-Partner. You can register as well, fill out your profile, and utilize the helpful search function to find your personal Sugar Arrangement. "Through Arrangement-Partner, we finally found our happiness after a long time. For ... Read more

Sugarbabes Are Impressed by Experienced Sugar Daddies

Allow Yourself to be a True Woman Place yourself in the experienced hands of a sugar daddy - more specifically, a true gentleman - and be a true sugar babe. Register today for free and find your experienced sugar daddy! You like seeing yourself at the side of a strong, successful man whom you can look up to? Our dating site opens a wide variety of men to you, who h ... Read more

Rich Men Grant Financial Security

Enjoy Financial Security - Stressing Over Money is Now in the Past! Whether you're a student, an employee or self-employed - no matter what field you work in - most people are no stranger to financial problems. With the right "benefactor" at your side, all the problems in your daily life will soon be a thing of the past! Register for free today and leave your financial stress in ... Read more

Sugarbabe Benefits: Sugar Daddies Offer Sugarbabes High Society

Utilize the Benefits There are many ways to utilize your sugarbabe benefits. Meet people from high society and profit from your sugar daddy's established contacts. Take advantage of the lucrative opportunities sugar daddies can offer to their sugarbabes through visits to interesting events in the most elite circles. An arrangement with a successful businessman, whom sugarbabes enjoy look ... Read more

Sugarbabe Lifestyle: Sugarbabes Wish for a High-Class Lifestyle

Indulge in a Life of Glamour and Luxury The sugarbabe lifestyle: Sugarbabes are invited to expensive restaurants, on shopping tours, or on adventurous vacations by their sugar daddies. Become a sugarbabe and experience the high-class lifestyle! Take a break from your dreary and exhausting daily routine and learn to enjoy life. One is only young once, so why not take th ... Read more

Sugardating Website with Discretion and Security

Your Privacy is Our Highest Priority The highest security standards guarantee secure and discreet communication between the users of our sugardating website. Register for free today and enjoy our site's discretion and security! We from arrangement-partner offer our members protected coding from SSL during their communication. The system ensures the security of your dat ... Read more

Sugardate Site Arrangement-Partner is Also Available on Mobile

Now Also Available on Mobile Whether you're using your PC, iPad, or mobile phone, you can find an arrangement anytime, anywhere. Register for free on any device you want and find the perfect sugardate! As a successful businessman, it's often difficult to find free time after a long and stressful workday - not to mention the complicated search for a partner. What career-o ... Read more

Find Sugar Babes: 8 Sugar Babes per Sugar Daddy

No Male Surplus The ratio of registered users on Arrangement-Partner is currently 8 sugar babes to 1 sugar daddy. The opportunities are endless, making your success as good as guaranteed. Register today for free and find your perfect sugar babe now! Do you prefer a very shy, quiet type of woman with whom you can be the dominant man and wear the pants in the relatio ... Read more

Sugar Arrangements: Love as a Trade

Sugardaddy Seeks Sugarbabe: Sugar Arrangements - A Pragmatic Concept in Love Love isn't only found on the romantic level. The website has followed a pragmatic concept, aimed at providing a dating site for wealthy sugar daddies and young, attractive sugar babes. Join today for free and find your sugar arrangements! is f ... Read more

Payment Methods for Sugardating on Arrangement-Partner

Payment Methods for Sugardating on Arrangement-Partner Here you will find a description of all the possible payment methods for sugardating currently available on Arrangement-Partner. We have taken the needs of our users into consideration and are now offering these payment methods: Call2Pay - Pay via telephone HandyPay – Pay via mobile phone Credit Cards – Pay via VISA, Mastercard, o ... Read more

SOFORT Überweisung - the Quick and Effecive Payment Method for Sugarlovers

SOFORT Überweisung - the Quick and Transparent Method of Online Banking for Sugarlovers SOFORT Überweisung is a form of online banking that is highly beloved to our sugarlovers. This payment method utilizes the quickest and most secure methods and guarantees an effortless payment schedule. SOFORT Überweisung is the most flexible and secure payment system that our sugarlovers enjoy usin ... Read more

Credit Cards - Quick and Secure Payment Methods on AP

Credit Cards - the Quick Mobile Payment on Arrangement-Partner.  ... Read more

Coin Packages - Examples of How Coins Can Be Used on Arrangement-Partner

Coin package and price To engage in contact with another member - for example, to chat with them, exchange photos, etc. - a profile unlock is required. Either you or the other user can do the unlocking, which entails a one-time fee of 20 coins. After you have invested these 20 coins, you can engage in contact with the other member. Only one member must perform the unlock in order for both members ... Read more

Paying with HandyPay - the Easy, Quick, and Anonymous Payment Method on AP

Paying with HandyPay - Quick and Mobile Payment on Arrangement-Partner.  The payment method HandyPay was specially developed for fast and anonymous digital payments, and, thanks to its positive qualities, was able to immediately establish itself amongst our members. How Does HandyPay Work? The process is extremely simple! Enter your mobile number in the payment window. Within secon ... Read more

How to Use Coins

How Coins Can be Used Coins can be used to unlock certain users and communicate with them. This is available through the chat function. Coins can also be used for further interactions and to charm your flirting partner. Start now and discover all the ways coins can be used! Spent All Your Coins? Once you've used all your coins and don't wish to purchase any more, you can ask ... Read more

International Sugardating: Arrangement-Partner is Now Multilingual

Multilingual, International Sugardating Frankfurt, 16.09.2015. The sugar dating portal Arrangement-Partner has recently launched, and can already boast several new innovative features which its competition lacks.  As of 18.09.2015, Arrangement-Partner will offer 18 different language options for the benefit of its international user base, making it possible for international su ... Read more

Tips for the First Contact on Arrangement-Partner

Creativity and Fun for the First Contact For the first contact on Arrangement-Partner, one thing is for certain: your message will not be the only one a potential sugarbabe or sugardaddy receives. Therefore, you should try to be as creative as possible and put much thought into what you want to write. Register today for free and find your sugardate! Many users, ... Read more

Join free

Every Sugar-Daddy and Sugarbabe: Join for Free! On our international sugardating platform, free registration is available for every potential sugar-daddy and sugarbabe. No sugar-daddy or sugarbabe needs to worry about hidden costs or subscription traps lurking about. However, if a sugardater wishes to utilize the full range of luxurious sugardating, they should take advantage of the cha ... Read more

Find Your Sugar-Dater in Three Steps

Find Your Matching Sugar-Dater und Register for Free! Find your perfect Sugar-Dater on Arrangement-Partner. Here you can meet sugarbabes and sugardaddies and finally experience exactly what you have been searching for. Thousands of happy users will confirm that our principle works perfectly, and how much they enjoy their relationship with their Sugar-Dater. Register today for free and ... Read more

Motives for Sugardating

The reason why You're new to the sugar dating business, or have heard about it from acquaintances and asked yourself, "Why do people take part in this?" Information about Arrangement-Partner's background is now available. Find your Sugardate! There are various types of people who would benefit from joining Arrangement-Partner. Some of them are: "T ... Read more

Sex with No Strings Attached

Friends with benefits "Fuck buddies", "friends with benefits" or "casual sex": they all refer to sex with no strings attached. Find your sugardate now! Many people are critical of this concept. However, if it's known that sex promotes an overall well-being, then why is casual sex still frowned upon? Nowadays this should be considered a reprehensible ... Read more

The Dating Site for Sugarlovers

Find your Sugarlove An exclusive dating site for sugarlovers is now available: Arrangement-Partner offers an outstanding dating site for successful men and sophisticated women. Sugarbabes, to be precise. Arrangement-Partner, the dating site for sugarlovers, places the highest importance upon the individual needs of both the male and female users. Find your Sugardate! ... Read more

Advantages of Sugardating: A Relationship with Many Advantages

The dating site Arrangement-Partner offers a meeting point for rich men who are seeking a relationship with their dream woman. Young, lively women likewise use the site to advertise themselves as Sugar Babes and discover adventures with rich men. The wishes and intentions of each person are combined in a casual Arrangement. The flirting portal enables users to include ... Read more