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  1. Our Sugardating Site Offers The Possibility to Block Users
  2. Email Verification Will Improve Your Experience of Our Dating Site

Successful Sugardating for Sugarbabes and Sugardaddies

Sugarbabes and Sugardaddies: Create the Perfect Profile! Like any other dating website, creating the perfect profile is the best method of finding your ideal partner. However, many sugarbabes and sugardaddies have no idea how to create the perfect profile - which is why we have created a list of helpful tips for you to follow. Profile Picture The most important asp ... Read more

Paying with Call2Pay - the most anonymous payment method on Arrangement-Partner!

Paying with Call2Pay - the most anonymous payment method on Arrangement-Partner! Pay easily and comfortably via a phone call from your own phone (either mobile or land line). This telephone-based payment method is particularly beloved for our members because of how simple it is to handle. Since Call2Pay is the most anonymous payment system available online and it doesn't ... Read more

Promoted Members: See Your Profile on Our Homepage!

Promoted Members Will Appear On Our Homepage! As a promoted member, your profile will appear directly on Arrangement-Partner's dating site homepage and will be seen by every member and new visitor, guaranteed. Register today for free and find the sugar dater of your dreams! Your profile will appear on the homepage of our dating site, which will directly increase your ... Read more

Verification of Your Uploaded Photos

What is the Importance of Testing Uploaded Photos? To ensure the quality of our website and confirm the authenticity of photos, the photos our members upload must be tested by us. If you wish to upload a photo to your public gallery, please take note of the information below. Photos that don‘t meet the below requirements will be immediately deleted, or, worst case scenario, your prof ... Read more

Verification Through a Private Means Test

What is the Purpose of a Private Means Test? Many Arrangement-Partner users will search exclusively for members who have verified their private means through us. If you complete a private means test, we can confirm that the information provided in your profile, such as your private means, is legitimate. How Does It Work? In the verification section of your profile, uploa ... Read more

Verification Through an Income Test

Why Should I Complete an Income Test? Many members of Arrangement-Partner will search specifically for users who have a verified income. By completing an income test, we can confirm that the information provided in your profile, such as your income, is legitimate. What are the Requirements? Your monthly income must be visible on the document The writing must be clearly l ... Read more

Payment Methods for Sugardating on Arrangement-Partner

Payment Methods for Sugardating on Arrangement-Partner Here you will find a description of all the possible payment methods for sugardating currently available on Arrangement-Partner. We have taken the needs of our users into consideration and are now offering these payment methods: Call2Pay - Pay via telephone HandyPay – Pay via mobile phone Credit Cards – Pay via VISA, Mastercard, o ... Read more

SOFORT Überweisung - the Quick and Effecive Payment Method for Sugarlovers

SOFORT Überweisung - the Quick and Transparent Method of Online Banking for Sugarlovers SOFORT Überweisung is a form of online banking that is highly beloved to our sugarlovers. This payment method utilizes the quickest and most secure methods and guarantees an effortless payment schedule. SOFORT Überweisung is the most flexible and secure payment system that our sugarlovers enjoy usin ... Read more

Credit Cards - Quick and Secure Payment Methods on AP

Credit Cards - the Quick Mobile Payment on Arrangement-Partner.  ... Read more

Paying with HandyPay - the Easy, Quick, and Anonymous Payment Method on AP

Paying with HandyPay - Quick and Mobile Payment on Arrangement-Partner.  The payment method HandyPay was specially developed for fast and anonymous digital payments, and, thanks to its positive qualities, was able to immediately establish itself amongst our members. How Does HandyPay Work? The process is extremely simple! Enter your mobile number in the payment window. Within secon ... Read more

How To Delete Your Profile

Do you really want to delete your profile? Are you sure that you want to delete your profile, or do you simply want to change a few things? If you delete your account, you will lose all your coins, as well as your chat history. There's an alternative to deleting Would you prefer to "pause" your account and have the possibility of becoming active again sometime in the future? This is also a ... Read more

My Sugar Daddy is Verified on Arrangement-Partner

My Sugar Daddy is Verified! Is Yours? A green checkmark on a profile reveals that the user has been verified. "My sugar daddy is verified" is a phrase all sugarbabes would like to be able to say. That phrase means that the sugar daddy has successfully validated either their profile picture or their identity. Verified members will be preferred over others and will have better chances o ... Read more

Identity Verification Is Important for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes

Why is Identity Verification Important for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes? An identity test is one of the most important prerequisites for sugar daddies and sugarbabes interested in online flirting. Many Arrangement-Partner members search specifically for verified users. If you take an identity test, we will be able to confirm that the information in your profile, such as age and gender, ... Read more

How Do I Change My Email Provider's Settings?

... Read more

Sugar Babes: Why You Should Verify Your Email Address

Offer Other Sugar Babes and Sugar Daddies a Sense of Security Security That Will Also Benefit You Your profile will only become visible to other sugar babes and sugar daddies after you verify your email address. Until then, your profile will not appear in either the search results or on the homepage. Your daily login coins will also not be credited to your account until you verify ... Read more

I Haven't Received a Confirmation Email

What Happens Next? There's no need to worry! After your registration, you will be sent a confirmation email, containing a link through which you can verify your email address. You have 14 days to confirm your email address. Become a member now! If you have not confirmed your email address within this time frame, your profile will be deleted. Until your email addre ... Read more

Email Verification Will Improve Your Experience of Our Dating Site

How Can Email Verification Improve Your Experience of Our Dating Site? Your Arrangement-Partner profile will only be visible to other users after successful verification of your email address. Until then, your profile will appear neither in the search results nor the homepage of our dating site. Only after verification of your email address will daily login coins be credited to your ac ... Read more

Verify Your Profile - Photo Test

What are the Reasons for a Photo Test? Every registered user has the chance to complete a photo test. If you complete this form of verification, we can confirm that the pictures in your profile are really of you. This procedure will also create trust in Arrangement-Partner's website. Such a verification is completely free of cost. After the successful verification of your photo,  a gr ... Read more

Verify Your Profile and Validate Your Identity

Confirm Your Identity The authenticity of your Arrangement-Partner profile is very important to us. Therefore, we recommend that you verify your profile and validate your identity with our "Verified" seal. This seal is proof to other users that you are completely authentic. Your chances of attracting other users will increase incredibly once you are verified. Become a member today ... Read more

Releasing Private Photos to Other Sugardaters

Releasing or Withdrawing Private Photos From Other Sugardaters Arrangement-Partner makes everything simple. Here you can learn how to release private photos to other sugardaters. Register today for free and find your sugardate! How do I withdraw the release of photos?  To withdraw another sugerdater's right to view your private photos, hover your m ... Read more

How To Edit Your Profile

How To Edit Your Profile with a Single Click With a single click, you can edit and fill it with important information about yourself and what you expect from an arrangement. Register for free! Follow these two steps to edit your Profile: 1. Edit Your Profile: Hover your mouse over your username until a drop-down menu appears. 2. Choose "Edit Profile": Click ... Read more

"My Unlocks" - Who Will Be Displayed Here?

Unlocks - What does this mean? This page will display all members for whom you have unlocked your account. Through the option "My Unlocks", you will have the opportunity to engage in live chats with these members, write them private messages, and exchange photos. Find your Sugarlover now! Other Opportunities Available Under "My Unlocks": If you wish, you can a ... Read more

Unlocked by a Sugardater? Here's What it Means...

Has a fellow sugardater just unlocked their account for you? This page will display all members who have unlocked their account for you. When another sugardater unlocks their account for you, they are demonstrating genuine interest in you and your profile. When you are unlocked by another user, you will have the opportunity to engage in live chats, write private messages, or exchange ph ... Read more

Favoriting Sugar-Babies and Sugar-Daddies

Add Sugar-Babies or Sugar-Daddies to Your Favorites List Your "Favorites" list will display which sugar-babies or sugar-daddies you have favorited. As soon as you mark a member as "Favorite", they will appear in this list. This will give you an overview of the profiles which might be interesting for you. Register today for free and find your sugardate! How Ca ... Read more

Sugar-Dating Sometimes Includes Hiding Users

Arrangement-Partner Makes Your Sugar-Dating As Comfortable As Possible The list "Hidden" will display all your hidden users. In other words, the users that you've requested not to be visible to you. Use our "Hidden" button to hide user profiles which you find uninteresting. Register for free and begin sugar-dating now! Hidden users won't appear on the home ... Read more

Our Sugardating Site Offers The Possibility to Block Users

Sugardating Site AP Strives to Make Its Members as Comfortable as Possible On sugardating site Arrangement-Partner, your "Blocked" list will display all the users you have blocked. You can place users who make you uncomfortable or harass you in any way on your Blocked list and prevent them from contacting you. Register for free and find your sugardate! ... Read more

Unlock Requests From a Sugar-Babe or Sugar-Daddy

Have you just received an unlock request from a sugar-babe or sugar-daddy? "Unlock Requests" will display every sugar-babe or sugar-daddy who has sent you an unlock request. This means that a sugar-babe or sugar-daddy wishes to have access to your profile, so that they can send you messages or view your private photo gallery. Register today for free and find your sugar-babe or suga ... Read more

Favorited by a Sugar Babe - What Does It Mean?

Were You Just Favorited by a Sugar Babe? Were you just favorited by a sugar babe or sugar daddy and aren't sure what it means? In the list "Favorited by", you will be able to see all users who have marked you as a favorite. Register today for free and find your sugar babe! Marking a member as "favorite" makes it much simpler to locate them later, sinc ... Read more

Attracting Sugar-Baby Users To Your Profile

Attracting Sugar-Baby Visitors To Your Profile The "Visitors" list will display any sugar-baby or sugar-daddy who have visited your profile. In order to attract as many users to your profile as possible, it's important to completely fill out your profile information.  If either personal information or a picture is missing, hardly anyone will be interested in your profile. Reg ... Read more