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Arrangement-Partner Makes Your Sugar-Dating As Comfortable As Possible

The list “Hidden” will display all your hidden users. In other words, the users that you’ve requested not to be visible to you.

Use our “Hidden” button to hide user profiles which you find uninteresting.

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Hidden users won’t appear on the homepage or search results

Use our “Hidden” button to hide the profiles of users you find uninteresting. They will then not appear on the home page or in your search results. This way, you will be able to ignore profiles which you have already seen and decided weren’t interesting – and then you can concentrate your sugar-dating efforts on the people you’re actually interested in. Users won’t be informed when you hide them, and you can place as many users on this list as you wish.

Can I remove users from my hidden list?

Should you change your mind and decide you would like a hidden user to become visible again, you can simply visit your Hidden list and remove the user’s name.

Can I permanently hide certain users from my hidden list?

Certainly. This is an option available on your Hidden list. However, this function should not be confused with the “Block” function.

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