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Intimacy Isn’t a Commodity

To refer to intimacy as a commodity would be a complete fallacy. There is a rumor stating that sugar daddies on Arrangement-Partner are only in pursuit of easy sex, and that sugar babes are seeking nothing more than a financial and material benefactor in return. This is absolutely not true.

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Today, there are many short-lived relationships or marriages, and people no longer have enough time, or do not have enough opportunities, to meet a new partner. Regardless,  consumer demand in the dating world has continued to increase.
This has resulted in the new trend of the exchange of money for beauty and youth, a phenomenon which can be observed on arrangement-partner.com. This trend is not, however, entirely new.
The beauty and youth concept applies to women in particular, and many women try to live up to this ideal. Therefore, the existence of so called “gold diggers” does in fact correspond to reality.  However, the idea that this results in exploitation of one party is incorrect. On arrangement-partner.com, the relationships are always mutually beneficial.

Intimacy Cannot be Bought

On dating websites, such as arrangement-partner.com, many young, attractive women seek high-status men. Being financially independent thereby plays a crucial role on the men’s part, since the money is an important factor in an arrangement. Women quite rarely try to hide their intention. It is important to clarify the intentions of an arrangement in advance, which is made possible by Arrangement-Partner’s easily navigable chatting function. One need simply visit the profile of a potential match to discover what their expectations of the arrangement are. This will reduce the possibility of disappointment later on.
If the rumor were true, and sugar daddies were solely interested in a sexual partner, their financial interests would be better suited for an escort service. Often, however, there is more to these arrangements than just sex. There are actually many users who are looking for more serious relationships.

Find your matching sugar babe or sugar daddy on arrangement-partner.com and meet your own Arrangement-Partner!

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