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SOFORT Überweisung – the Quick and Transparent Method of Online Banking for Sugarlovers

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SOFORT Überweisung is a form of online banking that is highly beloved to our sugarlovers. This payment method utilizes the quickest and most secure methods and guarantees an effortless payment schedule. SOFORT Überweisung is the most flexible and secure payment system that our sugarlovers enjoy using.

How Do Payments Over SOFORT Überweisung Work?

The process is extremely easy! While you’re purchasing your items, you can choose which referral form you wish to use. You’ll fill out the form with the following information: your name, bank account number, and bank code number. The transaction will be completed with the use of PIN and TAN numbers.
You will then receive confirmation that your bank received the referral.  Afterward, the package you purchased will become available.

Sugarlovers Can Pay With SOFORT Überweisung in the Following Countries: 

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Slovakia

Which Coin Packages are Available Through SOFORT Überweisung?

·        Package M 300 Coins 9,99 €
·        Package L 1000 Coins 29,99 €
·        Package XL 2000 Coins 49,99 €

Example for the Use of Coins on Arrangement-Partner 

To engage in contact with another member – to chat, exchange photos, etc. – requires a profile unlock. Either you or the other member will pay for this unlock with coins. An unlock costs 20 coins and only needs to be paid once. Once you have invested these 20 coins, you can engage in any form of contact you wish with the other sugarlover or sugarlovers. Only one member must unlock their profile in order for both parties to enjoy the use of the various contact functions; it isn’t necessary for both users to unlock.

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