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A Relationship With Multiple Benefits

A sugar relationship offers many advantages to women. First of all, the older men they are seeing can provide them with highly helpful life advice and experience.  Older, financially secure and successful men not only provide their sugar babes with security and guarantees – they can also teach their babes something about life and love, which they could not possibly learn from a younger partner.
Even potential job opportunities could arise, if the sugar babe uses her partner’s contacts to help build her own career. In ethno-sociological terms, marriages that arise on such a foundation are referred to as “hypergamy”.
This is the same concept as marrying into a higher social group. In general, when searching for a partner, women look for rich, successful men, which is why women hardly ever “marry down”.

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But sugar dating also offers advantages for men: With younger, attractive women, they can remain young and active.  In certain relationships, this might even lead to marriage and children. The younger a woman is, the more likely it will be for her to have children with her partner.
Furthermore, a man’s social recognition will most likely improve if he has a beautiful young woman by his side. He will be undeniably envied by everyone he meets.
If a marriage will result from these encounters will depend on each individual circumstances. With sugardating, all things are optional, nothing is a must.

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