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Have you just received an unlock request from a sugar-babe or sugar-daddy?

“Unlock Requests” will display every sugar-babe or sugar-daddy who has sent you an unlock request.

This means that a sugar-babe or sugar-daddy wishes to have access to your profile, so that they can send you messages or view your private photo gallery.

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When another member sends you an unlock request, and you’re also interested in increasing your communication, then accepting their request is your best option. After you’ve unlocked your profile, you and your sugar-babe or sugar-daddy will be able to exchange messages and photos.

Why Unlock Your Profile?

This prevents random users whom you have no interest in from contacting you, as well as prohibits users from simply copying and pasting the same message to multiple different members at the same time. To chat or otherwise communicate are the most common reasons for unlocking your profile. If a user grants your unlock request, you can assume that they have visited your profile and decided they are interested in you.

Therefore, the grant of an unlock request carries a certain sense of exclusivity.

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