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My Sugar Daddy is Verified! Is Yours?

A green checkmark on a profile reveals that the user has been verified.
“My sugar daddy is verified” is a phrase all sugarbabes would like to be able to say. That phrase means that the sugar daddy has successfully validated either their profile picture or their identity. Verified members will be preferred over others and will have better chances of meeting other users in real life. Verification creates trust and credibility.

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Verification – Quick and Free

Many Arrangement-Partner members edit their search filter so only verified members will be shown in their search results.

This way, users can be sure that a real person exists behind each profile – a person who has also undergone a background check. Every registered user has the opportunity to authenticate their profile. Once authenticated, they can decorate their profile page with the green checkmark – and then their sugarbabe can proudly declare, “My sugar daddy is verified.”
The chances a user has of being contacted by another member increase exponentially when trust is created in advance through verification. After successful validation, members will receive a banner on their profile picture.

Verification is completely free and can be accomplished very quickly! So if you’d like to hear your sugarbabe happily state: “My sugar daddy is verified,” then what do you have to lose? Verify your profile now!

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