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Sugerdaddy and Sugarbabes: Bring on the Karneval!

If you’ve never heard of Karneval, you’ve surely heard of Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a celebration which is French in origin, and it’s still celebrated all over Europe in the present day. If you’re in Europe right now, you definitely won’t want to miss out! From November until Ash Wednesday, celebrations full of creative costumes, cheerful music, and comedic skits can be found all over Germany.

We’ve gathered a list of the best cities in Germany to celebrate Karneval, so that you can choose the perfect celebration to attend with your sugerdaddy or sugarbabe! Regardless of how you and your sugardate prefer to celebrate Karneval, you’re bound to find something to your liking on the list we have created!

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Discover the ultimate Karneval party!


Köln is famous for hosting one of the largest and most extravagant Karneval celebrations in the world. The Monday before Ash Wednesday, a procession takes place which is the absolute highlight of the entire Karneval season. Approximately 1 million bystanders show up to stand in the street and take in the costumes and performances. As the procession goes by, flowers and candies are tossed to the bystanders.
On Tuesday night, during the last remaining hours before Ash Wednesday, a giant straw puppet is burned as part of a closing ritual. This puppet serves as a scapegoat for all the sins committed during the Karneval period. The citizens of Köln believe that burning this puppet will forgive all these sins.
If you’d like to visit a Karneval celebration where every single second is dedicated to having fun, Köln is the place for you! About 160 carnival societies, local history societies and communities dedicate themselves to creating close to 500 different events, parties, and parades for attendees to enjoy. If you and your sugardate wish to attend a Karneval celebration that offers never-ending fun, Köln is definitely the place for you!


Karnavale in Mainz is officially kicked off with the New Year’s parade through the Fastnachtsgarden. After New Year’s, an event takes place every single weekend up until the week before Ash Wednesday. Each event always begins at exactly 11 minutes after the hour – which is when the group of performers arrives. The place is always festively decorated for their arrival.
Just like in Köln, the Monday before Ash Wednesday is the high point of the festivities. A parade of decorated floats, followed by a marching band, make their way through the city. Mainz also has something unique to brag about: gigantic papier-mâché figures which parody the physical features of well-known public figures in the city.
Festivities come to a close the day before Ash Wednesday. That Tuesday, the citizens of Mainz host another procession to officially end the festivities until the following year.
If you’re looking for a Karneval celebration that always has new and exciting events available, then you won’t want to miss out on Karneval in Mainz! Bring your sugerdaddy or sugarbabe along and explore the different events together – and don’t forget to attend the parade and admire the papier-mâché figures – you won’t find them anywhere else!


Karneval in Frankfurt isn’t an experience you want to miss out on! On Saturday, 6 February, you can take part in the traditional “storming” of the Römer, or the town hall which is a part of the famous Römerberg. The Römerberg has existed since the Middle Ages and was the host of 10 coronations between 1562 and 1792. After the “storming”, Frankfurt’s “royal couple” receive a key to the city, which they are to be held responsible for until Ash Wednesday.
But the fun certainly doesn’t end there! The storming is followed by two huge parades. The first parade takes place this year on Sunday, 7 February, beginning at promptly 12:11 P.M. and proceeding through the inner city. This is the biggest Karneval parade available in all of Hessen, so make sure you and your sugardate are among the 500,000 attendees! Next is the “Klaa Paris” parade, which goes back as far as 1839 and will be reprised once more on Tuesday, 9 February at 2:31 P.M. in the Heddernheim district. The parade is the oldest – and arguably the nicest – parade offered in Frankfurt. “Klaa Paris” is derived from “Klein Paris” or “Little Paris” and is meant to show that the citizens of Frankfurt know how to have fun just as much as Parisians.
If you’d like to impress your sugerdaddy or sugarbabe with a Karneval celebration steeped in fascinating history and tradition, Frankfurt is the best choice for you!

Don’t Spend the Weekend at Home!

Instead of spending the weekend at home by yourself, grab your sugerdaddy or sugar babe and attend one of the many Karnaval celebrations offered around Germany! For those of you who want fun, excitement, and never-ending events to attend, Köln and Mainz are the cities for you! If you and your sugardate are more interested in a historically rich celebration, give Frankfurt a try! No matter which city and which celebration you choose, you’re bound to have fun – and attending the celebration together will undeniably bring you and your sugerdaddy or sugarbabe even closer together! So put down what you’re doing and contact your sugardate – you have a Karneval celebration to get ready for!

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